No such thing as an “Obsolete” OS – Part II

A few suprises this month, almost as surprising as the last time I did this tally. Some things, though, haven’t changed in a year. Looks like Vista took a back seat to XP this round. I wonder why…

OS Stats for August, 2009 on

OS Stats for August, 2009 on

And a lot more Linux users this year. That’s a plesant surprise.

Last time, I didn’t do browsers mostly because there weren’t much variety and nothing that grabbed my attention. This year, there are a whole lot of people using Firefox, almost all versions.

Browser Stats for August, 2009 on

Browser Stats for August, 2009 on

And that’s a very disturbing cluster close to the top.

6 thoughts on “No such thing as an “Obsolete” OS – Part II

  1. You really have to wonder: in 2009, are hits from a Windows 3.xx machine even legit? Or just someone fooling around with the HTTP_USER_AGENT field?

    Scary how many people are still using Firefox 3.0.11 and IE 7. *shudder*

    • I have a feeling those hits probably came from Sri Lanka or India.

      Over there, people tend not to get rid of any technology if they still get some good use out of it. So brand new computers tend to work side by side ancient bricks in the same location. At different tasks, of course. Hence MSIE 2.0 and Win 3.xx and Netscape.

      E.G. They still have quite a sizable number of Apple II’s and Mac 128K’s in public offices and some schools. These alongside Packard Bell systems with Win95 to Solaris Servers, Mac Pro desktops and AMD x64 workstations.

      If it still works, they’ll find a way to keep using it. It’s a hodgepodge of the entire computer timeline at times :P

      I can understand IE7 still being out there. After all half the devestating Windows vulnerabilities wouldn’t be as far reaching if people kept their systems up to date. But Firefox 2.0 – 3.0 usage surprised me quite a bit. Firefox users tend to be more security conscious in the first place. But I’m guessing there may be installations customised beyond a certain point where directly updating isn’t practical and replacing altogether isn’t an option.

    • Hey man! Nice to see you again.

      You would think, but as I said in the earlier comment, it was probably a hit from Sri Lanka or India. More than likely his computer exploded afterwards. ;)

      And I’m not alone (see the user agents toward the lower part, this was from 2008). Some can’t afford to upgrade their computers, others prefer not to even if they could. It’s a different mindset over there. And if they do get something new, the old system is almost always given away or sold. You’ll never see computers lying on the streets over there.

      If something works, they’ll use it to death. Browser and all. :P

      That’s not to say, we’re standing still though ;)

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