No such thing as an obsolete browser or OS IV

This is a little update on Steve‘s suggestion. You can view past updates for OSes in 2008, browsers in 2009, OSes and browsers in 2009, and in 2011. And just as before, we still have a few hits from IE 2.0. Though in what seems to be common trend across a lot of sites out there, Safari and Firefox are far ahead of Internet Explorer. Don’t know if this will change with the proliferation of Windows phones and Safari most likely includes a sizable number of iPhones.

On the OS front, Windows is still ahead with XP having the same usage share of Mac OS X. I believe “Windows NT” includes Windows 7/8 and Server 2008.

Browsers visiting in September

Operating Systems hitting in September



6 thoughts on “No such thing as an obsolete browser or OS IV

    • Indeed. And what’s more FF 1.0 had 3 more! :P

      I’m picturing someone at an old beige box sitting among piles and piles of paper and old magazines and pictures of cats.

  1. Interesting that Safari makes up more than 50% of browsers, yet Windows makes up 74% of the operating systems (while OSX is only 16.3%) … What do you think this is about?

    • This is just a guess, but I think these are Safari users on Windows. I’ve posted some layouts and experimental CSS/HTML in the past and I think these are web developers who are testing them in different browsers.

      • I contemplated that, but it’s a big number… But possible. Considering your niche audience testing code and whatnot in various browsers, perhaps not too large a number afterall.

      • Well, since mobile browsing is getting more and more common and the iPhone is a signficant percentage, I have a feeling this will only increase.

        When the Windows phones become more common (now there’s a scary thought), I have a feeling the IE percentage will start increasing.

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