Wikipedia Beta

Apparently Wikipedia is taking about a new initiative in usability. And it comes along with a fancy new theme as well.

The lines are a lot cleaner

The lines are a lot cleaner

Compare that with the current theme…

Boxy goodness

Boxy goodness

Of course I still have a problem with Wikipedia policy on exclusivity when it comes to what information is notable. This may be driven by their own technological limitations as we know there’s really no such thing as “unlimited”. I have a feeling this trend toward making knowledge spread like cocoa butter would similarly make it less intellectually nutritious.

Wikipedia may become what it despises the most… A collection of trivia.


4 thoughts on “Wikipedia Beta

  1. *I* think it already has largely approached that: Trivia collection. Which leads to further thoughts about the level of “intellectual nutrition” overall, not just Wiki. Scares me, and I’m fearless.

    • “Scares me, and I’m fearless”

      Indeed. Like that astronaut who went to the moon as part of the Apollo program, but was allergic to cheese.

      Honestly, in the good ol’ days when Wikipedia admins didn’t have an ego that would put the K2 peak to shame, the articles were actually quite good. And people didn’t bother signing in as much as they valued the quality of the article than their own little signature.

      • That’s incredible!

        All the article protections for vandalism and such were understandable, but they usually only lasted a relatively short period of time. On living persons articles, they usually only had partial protects and even those were removed after a while (except the one on Dubya, of course).

        This just goes to show, anonymous contributions are the best way to attain critical mass very quickly, but managing that mass is another matter.

        This isn’t the right approach for them. Edit conflicts should be resolved on the discussions page. Even though certain users act as children, this sort of sweeping discipline is counter productive.

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