Printable Talking (Ouija) Board

I was watching a TV movie today called “Possessed”. It was based on The Exorcist by William Blatty where a young boy plays with a Ouija board that eventually leads him to be taken over by a demon. I don’t particularly fancy these types of movies, but it had Christopher Plummer so I stuck around.

Well, I got cheated on Plummer time, but it wasn’t a total write off. It did make me think of how much people get into these types of “talking board” toys. And let’s face it, it is a toy no matter how you look at it. A piece of wood or cardboard with another wooden or cardboard base with writing on it. Why would you spend money on something like this? Surely the “spirits” are more concerned with contacting you than the quality of the board you’re allowing them to use through you.

Well here’s a few you can print off and use yourself. I wasn’t sure on other people’s tastes, so I made three versions. Mind you, “Ouija” is actually a brand name, but the concept itself is quite a bit older. The overall design is from a patent from the 1800’s so please consider these images to be in the public domain.

Update 12/24/2011

There is now a virtual version of this available.


25 thoughts on “Printable Talking (Ouija) Board

  1. For this past Christmas one of my siblings gave me this fabulous book on Randomness and how it affects our daily lives. Ouija boards and fortune telling turns out to fall under the category of “much-more-likely-everyone-is-leaning-one-direction-than-spirits-being-present”. But people still jump to the conclusion that an incorporeal being is communicating through these little contrived board games, rather than a little random tug on the pointer results in a self-fulfilling autonomic push from the rest of the group.

    • Oh yes, it’s all a palour trick playing on our own nature.

      I just find it amusing that people shell out cold hard cash for a bunch of letters on a table when a print out and piece of plastic would do just as well.

      Incidentally, those little plastic thingies in the middle of Pizza boxes to keep it from being crushed work just fine as a planchette (which is the term for the piece the “spirit” is supposed to move through the participants).

    • Beware!

      Legend has it that you shall be possessed by demons posing as departed loved ones if you use one of these.

      Be sure to keep that can of blessed pepper spray handy.

  2. OH! NOW I GET IT! Those demons are hanging around here WAITING for a Ouija chance. Usually I favor a squirt gun with a mixture of lysol and cherry koolaid, but just in case…….


    • Hi Anonymous,

      From the tone, language and capslock, I’m guessing you’re speaking from experience. Well, thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience. I’m sure you have saved many a soul from terrible turmoil from your calm and collected explanation.

      As for your own predicament… Don’t worry. I’m sure a thorough spiritual cleansing and ample burning of Sage will rid you of the capslock demon.

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    • Hi there, not a stupid question at all.

      You can cut out a rounded triangle on a piece of low-friction formica or you can use a think piece of cardboard and attach some furniture moving patches underneath (the plastic stickers that keep your floors from being scratched). Or you can use one thicker and bigger furniture mover patch and mark an arrow with a permanent marker to denote where it should be pointed.

      Alternatively, if you’re really feeling creative. You can wrap the bottom of a piece of thick cardboard or thin wood with silk or other slippery fabric, tuck the edges on top by gluing on and then paste another piece of cardboard or wood on top to hide the tucked edges of the fabric. Remember to keep the triangle rounded so you don’t have sharp edges that can rip the fabric.

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  6. dis shit doesnt work, i’ve tried it MULTIPLE times, like for real, every possible way, its just frickin letters and numbers, its pure BULLSHIT

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  8. It works I have tried it in Elgin New market that is the most haunted place in Elgin I have got a ghost his name is Christopher he is a nice ghost and he looks after me some people think I’m crazy but I have friends that have ghosts
    U should try it

  9. I just sake my head when people who have never even used the board, parrot talk from what they heard and read from others that “proclaim” that using the board entities can possess you.
    Reminds me back in the day when people were saying the earth was flat that it became common knowledge, even though not one of them ever even stepped out of their backyards to find out for themselves
    Wasn’t until a free thinker took the task and proved them wrong.
    I am 50 and I have been using these boards since I was 12 when I bought my very own Parker Brothers boards in the 1970’s.
    This was back before this New Age stuff came out where you had to perform the “protection” ritual using the” Imagine-yourself-surrounded-by-a -white-light” crapola.
    If you’re into that kind of thing and helps you feel better at night then by all means do it.
    Like I said, I have been doing this since I was 12 and I am 50 now and still use the board.
    I have done literally 1,000’s of experiment’s with it, proving if its real or not
    Even debunking The Ideomotor Effect nonsense.
    I even put it away without ever once (GASP!) “closing” the session and even wiping the board to “clear” it
    I have never once done any of that protection stuff and I have never ever once had anything “bad” happen to me.
    I live a happy normal wonderful mundane life with no tragic events like you see “in the movies” when using these things.
    Can you become “possessed”? Not for me.
    I guess if you are already freaked out by the thought using it and you already have this predetermined notion in your head that you can be possessed.
    I guess anything is possible.
    It’s called the power of suggestion..
    All you people who say “oh someone is pushing it”
    All I can say is try it.
    You’ll know instantly when someone is moving because it’s has a jerky movement.
    When it really moves, it feels like playing air hockey.
    It just glides effortlessly across the board
    In short from my own personal experience does the board work.?

  10. Let’s find out. I don’t think this has to do with the earth being flat or not, who cares? – There are many other things in life that are mysterious, such as our unexplained existence. Maybe it isn’t the perfect tool for crossing over to other dimensions, but it could be a tool, in the right circumstances.

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