Basic: The community version

A little while ago, I created a theme called “Basic” for corporate-ish websites and I’ve been getting requests for a community version; basically a version that would accomodate a blog/forum. I decided to reuse 90% – 95% of the original backend JavaScript to the discussion forum mockup (which I’ve renamed “Road”) including a lot of similar functionality. Except this time, I’m going for a more “component” oriented layout that I can easily turn into tabs. I created a simple tab plugin in jQuery to turn page elements into tabs with minimal overhead and I’m reusing a slightly modified version of the code formatting plugin in the topic page example .

Community index


Community tag browsing


Most of the changes really went to the topic view page. I made some changes to the code format snippet and moved the user info and avatar away to the side for clarity. The darker colors were partly inspired by the Sublime text editor (thanks to Shannon for mentioning it) as I found it easier to read large blocks of code on a darker background although I’m still not doing any syntax highlighting.

Forum topic view


Haven’t change much of the backend code of the add topic form, but I have changed the styling and streamlined things a bit.

Reworded instructions


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