All of my templates are awful!

I wish I could come to a different conclusion, but I can’t. It seems every single one I’ve made so far will fail spectacularly in any version of IE less than 7.

I know some people wouldn’t really call that a con, but considering the sheer volume of IE 6 users out there, it’s still a major problem. I hope I can get over this hurdle soon (or maybe all IE 6 users can upgrade). Yeah… Right!


7 thoughts on “All of my templates are awful!

  1. All of your templates are awful?
    All of them????

    I think not.

    A few of them are alright, I suppose :p

    The brilliant whiteness of the new site layout is blinding!!!!
    I wasn’t prepared for that.

  2. @ultimoAdios
    I think a lot of users simply don’t care or don’t know any better.
    I wouldn’t even mind if they used a different browser. I think any alternative browser would be better than IE 6 at this point.

    @Jesus Budda
    “My eyes!” LOL
    Thanks for the encouragement. I always aim for “alright”. If it goes any better, then that’s a bonus ;)

  3. No worries, one way or another things will line up. Perhaps it’ll show up properly in other browsers? Sure, IE dominates the market by an unbelievable percentage…. but… ya… there are other users with other browsers… right? :)

      • haha, I have been in that position. I do web design, freelance, and too many times I’ve spent hours trying to understand why it works for some and not for others. A certain kind of frustration, but it’s always followed with a unique feeling of satisfaction if you manage to get it to work for everything without writing different code.

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