5 Reasons “Club Penguin” is stupid

If you’re going to get offended, just browse away. No one is forcing you to read this…

The Age Group

How old are you?
Are you an adult?
Note: When I say “adults”, I mean anyone over 16. If you’re old enough to drive, you’re too mature for this nonsense.

And some of these people are in their 30’s and 40’s. Gives a whole new definition to the term “creepy” considering the game is targetted at preteens. I just have to wonder how many of these people are hanging out there for other purposes.

The “Players”

And I thought HL players were annoying. You see them even on WordPress.com and all they do is create a shell of a blog purely for the sake of publishing “cheats”. I’m almost tempted to report these as spam…

And then some doofus posts “We need 10,000 hits in 3 days!” or some other like people don’t have lives to visit a site with no content… Some don’t, but that’s besides the point.

The Spam

I don’t wan’t to know about your stupid hobby!
Every day, I get at least a dozen emails from people inviting me to this stupid game. I’m starting to regret plublishing my email…

And it’s slowly starting to creep into this blog as well, as I’ve had a couple of spam comments by users who run these, devoid-of-content, blogs dedicated to nothing but Club Penguin “cheats” and other garbage. I think I’ve escaped the worst of it, but by reading a few other blogs, I know others haven’t.

The Scams

Did you know people can spend real money to get fake money?
I’m not kidding. There are sites offering you advice, tips, even stocks of cash (fake, of course) all for a fee deposited via PayPal or some other pay site.

And a small reminder:
The game is targetted at preteens. So I wonder how many of these payments are from duped children using their parents’ credit cards. The game may have safegards within it, but what happens after you log-off?

The Risks

If there are children playing the game, then how many are under 13 with registered blogs on WordPress dedicated to it?
If something goes terribly wrong, Disney (the owners of the game) can easily claim it was outside the game’s world, so they have no control. Even if the contact was initiated in-world. Besides that, we all know most kids won’t be honest with the COPPA agreement.

One has to wonder if something akin to MySpace could happen here.
Besides that, no game is “safe” for children without adult supervision if there is outside contact involved. You can get your kids any present you want, but the fact remains, a game is no more a babysitter than a TV. It’s actually much worse because there are strangers involved.

I hope WordPress will introduce some provision in the future that says “blogs” are to be used for “blogging” or something similar.


31 thoughts on “5 Reasons “Club Penguin” is stupid

  1. Pardon my ignorance, but I’ve never heard of Club Penguin before.

    From your post it sounds like an accident waiting to happen.

    In a month or so it will probably be featured on an episode of Dateline: To Catch a Predator

  2. You nailed it!

    This is an accident and disaster waiting to happen.

    Club Penguin is a virtual reality world/game developed by Disney as a sort of interactive community. According to people who have tried it, it’s less a game than a huge waste of time for anyone over 6. Hence the question, why are these grown-ups in there?

    What’s worse are the people right here on WordPress flodding teh interwebs with mindless dribble…

    I mean, I do that too, but at least it’s infrequent. And I try to write something informative or entertaining if possible.

    These “Penguin blogs” are completely devoid of content…

  3. Welcome to the club. BG=White. Nice theme change!

    Call me crazy! Call me White Background Lover!
    But the “…left this page intentionally ugly has changed its meaning” – from my point of view, the page design looks beautiful to me. IMHO.

    Question:How do you recognize “Penguin blogs”? Can you give an example? Thanks!

  4. Hehe
    Actually, I’ve always looked as the “content” as being ugly. Not the layouts themselves. As in “not so nice” all the time ;)

    To me simple = beautiful. So I always try to use the simplest themes.

    As for “Penguin Blogs”… Oh my!
    Well there is literally no content other than “Penguin this” or “Penguin that” and links to cheats, downloads or schemes to make more money in the game etc…

    And all this considering the game’s target audience. Really scarry stuff!

  5. Andy Warhol made a statement years ago that still applies today; especailly today.

    “The less something needs to be explained, the more perfect it is.”

    Good quote, yes?

    • @missfierce copy and paste: “The less something needs to be explained, the more perfect it is.”

      Because as what they said, “the more you talk..the more you make mistakes” The more bloated your application is, the more bugs there is. Nice.

  6. you are soooooooo right its sooooo not funny!!!!!They banned me for no reason i have safe chat what can i possibly do!?

  7. its really funnny because u have never even been on club penguin therefore u have no right to be ripping on it. FYI. anyway as u can see my “name” i am a fan of club penguin so have fun with ur nothing kk bye now.

    • Actually, there were plenty of blogs that were shut down on WordPress for doing exactly that. You can “buy” accounts that were in good standing by players who have played well (under the best circumstances) or hijacked other accounts.

      I believe the technical term for selling stolen accounts is “fraud”, but then again I’m no legal expert.

      Also I have the right to rip whoever and whatever I please on my blog. Just as you have right to criticize me for doing so.

      Just one more of the privileges of living in a free society.

  8. Okay, so what your really saying is that just because it’s your blog you could say whatever you want and rip on anything you want. That sounds like a big fat selfish meanie if you ask me. Get a life, stop ripping on things you have never tried. Anyway, have fun with your nothing loser.

    • Actually I do have a life, which is why I haven’t posted an entry on this blog since November 8 (meanwhile, you’re posting on an entry made in February). And why it took me 8 days to get back to this post.

      And if you actually read that post, you would realise that my life was interrupted by what I perceive to be invasive online nonsense.

      Also why are you coming to my blog telling me “I have no right” to say what I please while you’re clearly saying you love Club Penguin, therefore you have the right to say whatever you please?

      I haven’t blocked you or edited your comments in any way. Do I have no freedom of speech when it comes to Club Penguin?

      Aren’t you the one being selfish?

  9. no offense but i really like club penguin. and you dont have to spend real money people choose to. no one forces you to do anything. and if you dont like it thats not my problem. i like it and play on it all the time, in fact i am one of thoses immature stupid people that play on it. if you have a problem keep it to yourself. dont go publishing it all over the web, it could hurt peoples feelings. Thank you

  10. club penguin is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo STUPIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. So, took me a year to answer, how do you like that?? Anyway, we should make peace and stick with our own likes and dislikes. So, you could continue hating on club penguin and I will continue loving club penguin. But what you have to realize is that I will eventually grow out of club penguin and spend less time fiddling with a computer and try a new hair style, walk my dog, learn a new language, or go out. So, now that we have made peace, we could stop with the silly little conversation and continue with life rather than sitting and fiddling with a computer. Thank you for taking the time to read this, eksith. Good-bye.

  12. im guessing ur just a person who finds fun in insulting other people of things they enjoying doing, my sister plays it and shes 10, i used to play it wen i was that age until bout 12. i loved it and although i have grown out not it now I still think it’s good, safe, educational and fun. the age range iz 6-14, so I think if you enjoy it and ur between those ages it perfectly fine, and even if ur older. I bet yor way too old for it and have never even logged onto it. everyone has different views but It IS FOR SURE an online website that teaches children things that are usefull.

  13. If you think penguin blogs are stupid, look are youself making a sad old stupid blog post abgout why a cute educational kids website is stupid? If you ask me I think thats worse than making a fan website. Whats the point!? making a blog of why a website is so stupid is such a babeish thing to do, and if you’ve never played it alot you can hardly say why It’s so stupid, thats only ur point of view. on the offical cloubpenguin website they give you a whole page about putting banners onto your own blog. so they must like kids promoting their site, not u hating it.

  14. Club Penguin didnt do anything to you. If you never played it, then you should shut up and go back to doing whatever you do. So theres no reason to blame a little kid website that didnt do anything to you. If you still say its stupid, you have no brain. If you say anything bad to me, I reject it.

  15. angalina and Lilly… Two more morons that prove my point about the kind of people who are attracted to this nonsense. And if either of you two idiots actually bothered to read the post rather than have a knee-jerk spasm at the title, then you would have known exactly what I have a problem with.

    But Congratulations! You have successfully argued the fact that there are to be no more intelligent comments on this post.

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