Giffords shooting is completely unrelated to Palin

… As the following will illustrate. Let’s not jump to conclusions based on shaky hearsay. She and her supporters are totally not responsible in any shape or form for driving more wedges between Americans with differing views and driving the vulnerable in the fringes of society to lash out against what they don’t understand.

Palin campaign: Let's take back the 20

Sarah's Charming pastime

And a scene from that event…

Send a Warrior to Congress

Original link :

And she was quite explicit that the “crosshairs” had nothing to do with shooting and were in fact surveyor’s marks. Even one of her staffers elucidated, “We never intended it to be gun sights“.

In case that video gets deleted, there are mirrors here, here and here.



2 thoughts on “Giffords shooting is completely unrelated to Palin

  1. *sigh* Well said and excellently documented. Thank you for this post. While I think the two things (shooting and Palin) may be unrelated in the very immediate instance, the overall climate that allowed the situation to develop can, really, be laid quite squarely, firmly, and positively, in…crosshairs. Besides. As a bear I dislike guns and crosshairs AND surveyor’s marks. Also, I know the difference.

    • They seem to keep forgetting that this is the Internet age. Once you post it, it’s up there forever and we always can point back to it.

      Oh yes, bears and guns definitely don’t mix.
      Bears and surveyor’s marks… well, I’ve known at least one surveyor (friend of a friend) who had to buy new pants due to an “unfortunate” encounter with a bear… So I’d say surveyor’s marks and surveyors are not on the friend list for bears either ;)

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