Giffords shooting is completely unrelated to Palin

… As the following will illustrate. Let’s not jump to conclusions based on shaky hearsay. She and her supporters are totally not responsible in any shape or form for driving more wedges between Americans with differing views and driving the vulnerable in the fringes of society to lash out against what they don’t understand.

Palin campaign: Let's take back the 20

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And a scene from that event…

Send a Warrior to Congress

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And she was quite explicit that the “crosshairs” had nothing to do with shooting and were in fact surveyor’s marks. Even one of her staffers elucidated, “We never intended it to be gun sights“.

In case that video gets deleted, there are mirrors here, here and here.



Is this movie appropriate for my 7 year old?

Which is another way of announcing to the world what a terrible parent you are.

I have literally lost count of how many times I’ve seen these types of posts on IMDB. And the movies are more and more outrageous each and every time.

This time I saw it on the boards for The Wrestler, a movie which is “Rated R for violence, sexuality/nudity, language and some drug use.” And I’ve seen the same question asked a few times on the boards for the Saw series (I’m dead serious). 

I have to look into things myself to see if they’re safe? Oh no! I can’t have that! I’ll just ask some shmuck , who’s still up at 4:30 am finishing a site,  got side-tracked, and ended up on the IMDB boards to do the job for me.

If you have to question the anonymous masses of the Internet on what content is appropriate for your child, instead of seeing it yourself first and making the judgement, then why are you responsible for another life? An impressionable life? If you are so inept, you shouldn’t even be in charge of watering plants.

Here is yet another example of how bad parents expect the world to babysit their children for them, instead of doing the job themselves. These are the same variety who then turn around wanting to censor the world or cover every patch of Earth with felt because, God forbid, they actually have to be responsible for their child’s upbringing. 

And people wonder why children are incapable of understanding the consequences of violence. Ratings are there for a reason. I’m sure some children are capable of watching Saw with no ill effects afterwards (I’d like to invite the scientific community to observe these children for a couple of decades), but the vast majority of them would be traumatized for life.

If you’re the parent, you make the call yourself. You should know your child better than any other human being on Earth. If you don’t know what’s best for your child  and are too lazy to investigate yourself and start asking random strangers, then don’t have them.

A condom now is a lot cheaper than a trial later.

Movie of the Week: Blood Orgy of the Leather Girls

It’s not a movie with a substantial plot, lesson, class or even a budget. But there are some things to be learned even in a title such as this.

This is the cover for the soundtrack. So you can imagine what the rest of the movie looks like.

This is the cover for the soundtrack. So you can imagine what the rest of the movie looks like.

It was written by two women and directed by one. Starred a female cast. Carries a very strong message about feminism. I’m not quite sure what that message is, but it’s an interesting message nonetheless. A story of revenge, domination, brutality and a whole lot of butt kicking by women.

Sadly, Meredith Lucas, the co-writer and director comited suicide after she failed to secure distribution for the film.

Considering the limited release, it may be hard to find, but you may be able to find a VHS copy on eBay.

Interesting Fact :
Jo Ann Wyman, who starred in this film, went on to be a piercing expert and also made an appearance on the Mythbusters as herself. Specifically the Lightning Strike episode.

Dance, Monkeys, Dance!

Ted might not be too happy about this, but…

We’ve clothed ourselves in morality and civility, but the Emperor has no clothes. We’re still very much the same species.

I think a lot of people would like to forget that (and would find it easy to forget) while clutching their Starbucks, robed in their Abercrombie & Fitch stepping in Reeboks…
While running to catch horseless beasts that smell of diesel and smoke to be on time to reach our magnificent concrete and glass cathedrals built to worship fiat money… 
And maybe while they pray to the God, in whome we trust, from time to time when they need Him for something.

But nothing has happened to us biologically that make today’s generations morally superior to the previous hundred.

I’m virtually identical, physically, to a man who would sit in a colosseum watching other men destroy each other. And cheer as men, women and children were brutalised by wild animals.

The lust for bloodsport is no less potent today than it was millennia ago, though killing is slightly out of fasion unless it’s in virtual form. The colosseums of today have catchy titles too : WWE, ECW, Ultimate Fighter… the list is endless.

I have no delusions about my convictions had I been born in those times as morality is, often, an acquired trait. Rarely is it ever innate.
And violence is a fetish; It always has been and, as long as we remain monkeys with Playstations, it always will be. The only difference is that speech has allowed us to convey cumulative values as my parents have learned from theirs and so on, and how I will convey them to my children.

The target of an attack is irrelevant. Whether an imaginary bout with a jerk of a boss, a failed half of a relationship or a future foe in a dark alley. It is merely the justification for the fetish. No amount of logic will dissuade violence if the inclination is strong enough as our synthetic Goliath that is nurture is no match for the David that is our nature.

The real “dark alley” is in our souls.
Some of us have learned to live with it while others reject it. Others still have chosen to embrace it.

And on that depressing note… A very happy year to you too! :D

(Inspiration for the title, courtesy of Ernest Cline)