Swearing on XBox One while gaming or Skype can lead to 24 hour ban

There’s some evidence to suggest that if you use foul language during Xbox Live or during a Skype call or if you upload a video containing it as well, you may be lose some privileges including a possible ban for 24 hours.

Oh, good. So we can return to the days of…

“Good sirs, I invite you all to perform buggery with your own controllers on this fine day. While we engage in this fair play, I also invite your mothers to join you, being the vile harlots they are.

Does your skin reflect as a coal or the bright side of pitch? For only the only explanation I could find for your lack of competence. I’m forced to consider when a poor soul suffered a bout of incontinence upon your head.”

I’ve heard some (modern)variation of that exact conversation multiple times on chat. Now I understand the frustration of many players when it comes to online gaming and the vitriolic, juvenile, homophobic, racist, sexist language can wear heavily on you at times. In fact, a few years back, Adam Sessler made an empathic plea to drop the nonsense altogether, but surely, there are better ways of addressing this than surreptitiously filtering by robot.

I was only going to make comment on a HN thread, but it got shut down fairly quickly. Hence this post.