Stop WebMatrix from opening every folder on double-click

Just when you thought in 2012, Microsoft, out of the kindess of their heart (or by finally listening to the public they’ve been shafting for years) wouldn’t do something completely asinine with their software…

If you’ve installed Microsoft WebMatrix lately, you may have noticed that it has the ability to open a folder as a website by right clicking and selecting “Open as a Web Site with Microsoft WebMatrix”. The problem is that now it opens every single folder just by double clicking on.

Fire up RegEdit and navigate to :

Find a key called “OpenAsAWebsite”. You’ll find a subkey called “command”. Copy the default value of the key and delete it and its parent “OpenAsAWebSite”.

Now navigate to:

Add a new key here called “OpenAsAWebSite” (like the one above) and give this a default value of “Open as a Web Site with Microsoft WebMatrix”. Then create a “command” key under it, just like you saw before, and change its default value by pasting what you copied from before. Or if you forgot to copy it, change to the install directory of WebMatrix if necessary and paste the following :

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft WebMatrix\WebMatrix.exe #ExecuteCommand# SiteFromFolder %L

Now you should still be able to use the Open as Web Site feature in WM, but not have it happen by default when you try to open every bloody folder.

Note to Microsoft:
I know you’ll ignore this, but stop being stupid!


Has hell frozen over? Or is Windows Server more reliable than Linux?

For the last week, according to Netcraft, Windows is #2 behind FreeBSD for web servers and it outnumbers all other OS’s in the top 50. Linux isn’t even on the list?

Something's rotten in Denmark

Something's rotten in Denmark

See the list for yourself. The list is limited for the most requested sites due to notability and performance reasons.

Either MS has done a bangup job convincing sys-admins to keep their servers up to date and secure, or Linux is starting to slip a little. This is the first time I’ve seen BSD being threatened in the weekly averages and Linux completely falling of the list.

FreeBSD in particular is one of the most stable (arguably the most stable) platform for servers so no surprise there. But Windows Server?!