USPS = Useless Satanic Pesky Scum

You would think any service that has the nation’s official name somewhere in the title would have some competence left to hire people without severe brain damage.

I’ve had packages delivered all over the country under my name and USPS is the only carrier to give me this much trouble. It’s as if they obsessively try to not deliver the package just to spite me!

The drivers leave those infuriating slips (“we will Re deliver” with a cute slant on the “Re”) in the mailbox without even knocking on the door when a package is to be delievered.

This latest escapade had the driver leave a series of question marks next to my name on those slips, instead of actually coming up to the door to make the delivery and get my signature.  I swear, these people are morons of a very special breed. And now they want me to come down to the office and pick up the package instead of “re” delivering and leaving it at the door as requested. 

If I had the time to come down to the office, I would have driven up to the place I got the package from and not have it shipped at all!

“Snow nor rain” my foot. These idiots can’t deliver a simple package in clear weather in broad daylight.

Never use USPS. I’m virtually convinced any other service would be far better.