PHP Tutorials Suck!

What’s that old saying? Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect? Well tell that to the 90%+ of tutorial authors out there and maybe we can get somewhere.

I’ve been brushing up on this as I haven’t done anything major with PHP since 4.1 (yeah, yeah, I’ve been slow to catch up, so sue me). Come to think of it, I haven’t done anything major with PHP. Just a couple of small CMS’s for personal sites.

I got exactly what I expected.  The worst possible programming practices…
– Not checking for SQL injections or querystring hacks.
– No mysqli usage. What version are we using again?
– No OO development. Class? What’s that?
– No data / logic / presentation separation. Because we all enjoy spaghetti.
– No database abstraction MYSQL FOR LIFE!!!11.
– No multilingual capability or UTF data storage. English or GTFO!
– Register globals. Someone seriously needs a spanking.
– Magic quotes. AARRRRGH you nitwits!!

So virtually nothing has changed since I mucked about in 4.1.
The tutorials still suck!

Admittedly, PHP has a number of shortcomings (most of which are currently being solved) that have been the cause of legitimate criticism. But it’s like some of these people didn’t even try to work around them. It’s not the programming language, it’s the programmers.

I’ve seen pre-teens write beautiful code in PHP and middle-aged failed businessmen write Kligon… in brackets.

PHP Gets a very bad rap because a large number of projects out there are complete rubbish. But the blame doesn’t rest solely on the programmers. I think tutorial authors share much of it. How can novice programmers be expected to write any worthwhile code, when the examples are equally worthless?

You reap what you sow!