Battle Damage!

After years of faithful service, my sunglasses sustained the first flesh wound. The silver bit from the left side had fallen out, probably after some rough handling on my part during a recent trip. I don’t remember the brand since I got these so long ago (I don’t even remember the year or the shop where I bought them), but I do remember they’re not Ray-Ban.

The silver bit from the side is gone.

I don’t believe in holding on to things beyond their time if they’re not used, even if they hold sentimental value, so I’ll give these away soon. Meanwhile, I stepped into a local eyeglass shop and bought a new pair.

Slightly bigger than the old ones and these are D&G

Why is it so hard to find a decent pair of sunglasses these days? I mean I know that taste is subjective, but there are some styles that really shouldn’t go out of style no matter what and many more that shouldn’t come into style in the first place.

These were the most similar to the old pair and the least offensive to my sensibilities. Also they felt solid and seemed the least likely to fall apart in a year. Luckily, the branding is also small so it won’t be visible at a distance.

Wish the logo wasn’t there in the first place, but oh well…

I don’t really like any overt branding in the products I buy since I think the product itself should be the selling point, not the name. Speaking of which; why do designers feel it necessary to brand their products loudly? Ray-Ban, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucchi, Police, Oakley etc… are all guilty of this, but D&G seems to be the absolute worst when it comes to loud branding. You wouldn’t want to see a giant “Armani” on a back of a coat, so why cover the entire arm on a set of sunglasses with D&G?

Well, here’s to (hopefully) a decade of future service.


Looking for my sunglasses, WHILE I’M WEARING THEM!

Every once in a while, I do something that makes me realize I’m just a hair away from being a complete imbecile.

Case-in-point: This afternoon, I just set foot back in my apartment only to be called off for something else. I then spent the next 20 minutes searching for my sunglasses which I was sure I had on me as I walked in. I looked on my desk, on and around the bed, the living room, kitchenette, on top of the microwave, in the fridge (yeah, done that before), the bathroom.


Opened the blinds…

And was wondering why it was still hard rummaging around the place since it wasn’t cloudy outside and there should be plenty of light coming in. Or at least I thought, there should be enough light to find this bloody thing, after all my apartment is only 800 square feet and it’s an open layout.


Turned the lights on…

Well surely now there is enough illumination, but why do I feel like it’s still dark? Searched again around the desk, which looked gray for some reason instead of white. Looked behind the computer, between the desk and my hobby table (maybe it fell?), and was thinking my floor was light oak, not brown. I’m sure sunlight can only bleach wood, if that, and not make it darker.

And then I went to scratch my temple…

What followed was a minute of disgusted reflection and then I hurried to catch the next train, since I’m a few minutes late aready, promising myself that I’ll beat myself later.

It’s night now — well, morning technically (2:45AM) —  so at least I won’t be needing these for a few hours more.

Look, it's Bigfoot!