Damn you, girly hands!!!

This shouldn’t be bothering me as much as it does, but what can I say, I sometimes take comments about the way I look way too seriously. I’ve just been told, I have “girly hands”. I really didn’t need to hear that from a girl.

I didn’t see this coming at all as I’ve always been under the impression that I actually have the hands of an 80-year-old man with veins everywhere and crocodile skin thanks to years of sun damage and lack of moisturizer (cuz’ that stuff’s for wusses).


Trying to wrap my head around this, I tried breaking this down.


I also have very skinny fingers for some reason, which I thought added to the creepy Crypt Keeper look, but it was all in vain it seems.

Must get gloves...

Despite the awesome fur (thank you South Asian genes) and a badass Adam’s apple, not only do I often get mistaken for a girl over the phone, I now have “girly hands”?! Ugh!


“I feel so bloated and ugly”

You know, I’ve always wondered why it is that I show up in the weirdest search results.

"i feel so bloated and ugly"

"i feel so bloated and ugly"

Then I realized, that I’m just living up to my page title. I know I shouldn’t make fun of these people, but they make it so darn hard not to.

Especially since, most of the time, the fix is as simple as lifestyle adjustment… And/Or therapy.