Head still attached to body. I double-checked

Well, it’s past 3:00AM on Tuesday and looks like the worst of Sandy is over for us (well, at least in my neck of the woods). The wind is still present and gusting, but no where near at the same intensity as before. I figure gusts are around 20 – 30mph now and I can actually stand up on the balcony when this was impossible previously. The rain has also stopped, though I don’t know for how long.

I have a friend who lives further South closer to New York City (around 10 minutes by train, I’m 25) who I haven’t been able to reach yet, but I’m reasonably confident he’s still alive. Or else, I would have seen Voldemort’s Dark Mark in the sky by now.

Damage total

I lost an old laptop that I had forgotten to unplug. Its battery was long dead and was still running off of plugged power and acted as a small server. The reapeated flickering lights had probably done it in. The fridge, or at the least, the compressor motor may need replacing since it had cut out several times as well. There are no cracks on the windows though, which surpised me since they were billowing with the wind.

My tomato plant is a bit worse for wear, but I did take it in yesterday before the wind picked up too much. Still, it looks like that was a little too late.

Kinda hard to see since it’s dark, but it does look like a mangled Halloween decoration

Lights across the street are still out and the grounds just a bit away from the base of the building is basically a lake. A few broken branches on the road (and one on the balcony; somehow one made it up here), but no fallen trees as far as I can see. We’re lucky that the building is on a bit of a hill… or unlucky as the case may be, since that also meant higher winds.

Lots of toppled over garbage cans and debris on the street.

I think our local grocery shops may open since they’re run by local folks who don’t have to travel far. Can’t imagine any of the shelves being fully stocked though. And I don’t see any deliveries making it in for a couple of days. Good thing, I stocked up on water and coffee beforehand.

Our building still has steady water pressure and the water itself looks clean. I’ve seen reports on TV that some places in Westchester lost pumps so there’s no water or power.

Still hearing a few police/ambulance sirens in the background, but at least the car alarms have stopped.

Latest view outside the window in the back of the building is a little clearer, but still very, very dark since a lot of lights are still out.

I could have sworn there was a parking lot down there and more lights.


Starting to regret living in a highrise

Here in New York, my windows are shaking like crazy, I can hear the wind loudly even in the bathroom and it’s impossible to stand upright in the balcony without being blown off since I’m two floors down from the top. And this is supposed to get worse.

I can’t imagine having power for much longer, but in the off chance we do lose electricty, it will likely be more than a week before we get it back. No one (in their right minds) is out in the street except for the odd reporter/cameraman. I can also hear half the cars in the parking lot since their alarms have go off.

I’m about 25 minutes by train from New York City, although all trains have obviously stopped running including buses. I’ll keep my Twitter up to date if something changes or I’ll see you in a week.

Edit 6:30PM

Power flicked a bit, but didn’t lose it yet.

I’ve charged the laptop as a battery backup to keep the phone going. If we lose power, I’ll use it to charge the phone. I figure 5 days standby if we do lose power.

Update 12:50AM

Wind’s died down a bit, but the gusting continues. My windows aren’t rattling as violently as before, but I’m still worried they might blow (I’m almost 100ft from the ground). We never did lose power, but according to Channel 7, a lot of people in Westchester did. I believe them since across the street, it’s almost black.

You may see on the top left under the amber lights, it’s basically a pool out there. Our parking lot is a bit off the ground, but I’m sure it’ll be flooded before the night’s over.

We normally have  a lot more lights out there.

I had disconnected my router and other electronic stuff since I was worried they might be damaged by the constantly flickering lights. Since that’s stopped now, I’ve reconnected them. But I’m pretty sure I’ll need to buy a new fridge after this.