Lorenzo Salon (Ritz Crackers Commercial)

I’m a bit torn since I saw this on TV. On one hand I think it’s funny, but on the other, it’s a¬†pretty stereotypical potrayal of a male hairdresser so no doubt going to offend a lot of people. What do you think?

BTW… The actor playing Lorenzo is Chris Wylde.

Note, no where in the commercial is any mention of Lorenzo’s orientation. Here’s the actual dialog.

Lorenzo: Ugh! All work and no food is making Lorenzo very snippy… AAAH! Seriously!

(Client hands packet to Lorenzo)

Narrator: Hunger getting to you?

Lorenzo: Ooh!

Narrator: Grab a Ritz Crackerfuls. Made with with real peanut butter and whole grain.

Lorenzo Mmm! (Chewing)

Narrator: Get hunger before it gets you.