You kids and your Eff Pee Esses

Here’s a little statement on how far backwards we’ve gone with the current trend of first persion shooters. That’s not to say all of them fall into the same trap, but I have to say many of today’s blood and gore don’t compare to when I was a kid (when Marilyn Manson was still shocking).

The context :
If Quake (one of the forefathers of today’s FPS games) was made today.

I was first introduced to Quake in the guise of Quake 3 Arena. It was one of those earth shattering moments, especially since Quake was one of the earliest games to introduce multiplayer online¬†gaming. And we were allowed after school to play the game in the computer lab by the coolest Computer Science teacher ever! Back then even she had the foresight to see that it’s not violent video games that provoke violence in kids… it’s the violent kids shoddy parenting and easy access to guns at home.

We held gaming sessions after school where I was routinely handed my own buttocks on a silver platter, but from that experience, I went on to be a pretty decent player. Back in the early 2000’s I ran my own game server just for Quake 3.

Those were the days!

And for those of you who have no idea what the gameplay is like (spoiler alert!) see for yourself what gaming back in the day was all about in Quake 3 Arena. Warning… Though not as gory as today’s bloodfest games, it’s pretty gory for someone who’s not used to these types of games.

Note: The first level in this doesn’t have the actual game in-game music, though the rest do.

And for ultimate fan movie pleasure. Here’s a little something from Shaolin Productions (these guys are awesome) for those teary eyed nostalgic gamers like me.

Contains naughty language so if you have very little kids or immature adults around, you may want to avert the screen and wear headphones.

Now back to my tomato plants…