MSNBC Censors “Tibetan Spring”?

What are these “usage restrictions” they’re talking about? I’ve never seen this before on any video on

What are 'usage restrictions'?

Is this going to be a new thing now? Whenever there’s any news of China and Tibet, China squeezes the U.S. media’s cojones to not spill the beans?

This isn’t Photoshop. As of this morning (6:17AM), this video link from the Google search for “Are we seeing a Tibetan Spring” is showing this screen (after the ad).

Funny thing is that the link to the page is also on the website when you search for “Tibet” (Posted March 23, 2012).

Tibetan Spring


Forgot to post the bottom part of that video page. I guess this is why the’re really worried.

I guess Lindsey Hilsum did too well a job.

Update 9:18PM

OK, the video now loads up. Don’t know what that was all about at first. In case you want to download the video yourself, and you’re using Firefox, follow these instructions. Or if it has already disappeared, email me and I’ll send you the video.


Getting around Wikipedia blackout

Well, unless you’ve been under a rock, you may have noticed that the English pages on Wikipedia are currently blacked out with the following…

Wikipedia protest

What you may not know is that the blackout is actually courtesy of a script that is loaded after you actually visit the page so you may see the page you’re looking at for a split second before the blackout. You could, for course, start hitting the¬†“Stop” button on your browser like crazy the second you arrive on the page right before the blackout, or more easily, if you’re on¬†Firefox, you can simply view the page by disabling scripting.

Go into Firefox (on the top of the browser) > Content > and unckeck Enable Javascript

I’m completely in support of Wikipedia making a stand against SOPA and PIPA acts, but sometimes you really need to lookup something. So after you’ve contacted your congressman or woman, you can go back to browsing normally.