The changing face of spam

You have to respect the sheer audacity. I wonder if some of these people go to special schools or take special classes to learn these tactics in guerilla warfare. They almost succeeded in “Trojan Horsing” their wares onto my blog. Sadly, the problem may not be the school or the classes. It’s the students…

After posting the phrase based password generation technique the other day, I was faced with a curious link in my referrer list.

Then I realized that I got a comment from someone who works at PassPack (Or PassHack) who politely encouraged me to look at their product via their “Product blog”. Very convenient indeed. I won’t turn this text into a link since they’ve already had their stay on my blog.

Passhack Spam1

Why, thank you, “L”! But you see, even the poor Jack O’Spades has already had this information spammed mentioned on his blog by “d”.

Passhack Spam2

Both employees of PassPack. Both gushing over their own product. Objectivity anyone?

You don’t think this is any serious way to advertise a product, do you? I mean, surely, there has to be a limit to how many times you can mention one product in two related posts. You guys really need to coordinate your spam activities to prevent this kind of mix-up in the future.

The really funny thing is that these folks might have been able to get away with it if they hadn’t posted a link to their corporate HelpDesk. Don’t bother trying to browse You will be greeted with the staff login page. I was checking my referrers the other day, and lookie here!

Peekaboo! I see you!
Passhack spam3

Note to spammers :
Get smarter! Or better yet, get lost!

Update 5:43 pm

I’m starting to become convinced that this is nothing more than a misunderstanding. I don’t believe that this was intentional spam, merely the result of poor employee training. I’m sure, my general attitude didn’t help much.

Tara, the founder of PassPack has been very forthcoming, so we shall see how things go on from here.

I hope for all our sakes, they drop this ridiculous tech “Evangelism” nonsense. It’s just another overhyped buzzword like “Web 2.0” or “AJAX”.

We don’t care about buzzwords! We care about originality and substance!

Update 09/2008

This post contains, by far, the the most amusing response to a comment by “L” …

Is there a “mark as spam” option for comments? Very annoying.

And “d” attempts to squeeze PassPack into a post about “Time Managment”. Now that’s ambition right there!