I just discovered the Internet

FYI, I was 12 years old when this episode aired. Also of note, Severe Tire Damage is a badass name for a rock band, especially considering it’s composed of nerds (case in point, look out for the Church of the Sub Genius shirt on the lead singer).

I would love to see who would dare air a recording of what’s actually available on Usenet or really any online forum without massive editing. I did love the mention of the Whole Earth Catalog, a print copy of which I own.

And I was 13 when this one aired.

More nostalgia.

You may remember a few of these if you were around in the mid 90’s.


Remember when music didn’t suck?

I was wafting through a job when I got bored and wandered onto YouTube (what end to a perfect day doesn’t start out like that these days?) From outside the window, far out on the street, I could vaguely hear a beat and the unmistakable sound of music that didn’t suck. Onward went the search terms “Ace of Base” and a bit more scrolling brought me here.

When I was a kid, Lady Gaga (thankfully) was still in Catholic school, MTV was still relevant to music and VJs were still on air (and their job fit the acronym). Reality TV was confined only to the Real World which gave people like me, who hate narcissistic douchebags, the option to browse away, reasonably confident that we won’t be confronted by more narcissistic douchebags on a different channel.

But that’s enough negativity. Here’s something uplifting…

Fun fact: I was 10 when this song came out.

…Well, back to work…

Sunday at the Circus

I got a call yesterday night from my mom and… long story short… the gist of the conversation was “remember when you used to have a life outside of work?” My initial response was the typical askldjaslkdfjwfadarrragggh… I just need some sleep. But she was adamant that I needed a diversion.

She was right…

My mom gets tickets to events on occasion and this time, she got tickets to the circus. Now the last time I went to a circus with my mom, I was 7 and all I remembered was eating cotton candy, but it was bit of nostalgia for her since it’s been 22 years since we did this before. All in all, I’m glad I didn’t just sleep in today.

I wish I had a better camera with me, but this is the best bit courtesy of my rubbish phone.

Storage score: The Telephone

Specifically it’s a Model 2500 made in the 1980’s!

I don’t know why, but things like these have always fascinated me. I’ve always had a soft spot for classic electronics and gadgets (some so heavy, you could also use them to repel burglers), but phones in particular have been top on the list. The manufacturer, Comdial, is now bankrupt although they’ve been making phones since October 1982. So the phone could be older than I am. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any dates for reference.

I actually got this phone a few years ago for a short film; the screenplay I wrote, WHICH SHALL NEVER SEE THE LIGHT OF DAY, called for the number 216 on the label. 6 * 6 * 6 = 216… Yeah, this was totally a B-movie.

I don’t remember if I got it at a yard sale or in the trash. Either way, after spending a few more years in storage, it’s finally home!

When I finally build my little cabin, I’m having this connected as soon as the phone lines get hooked up. It would totally match the rest of the retro feel I’m going for.

Behold, the magnificient obsolescence!


Brand, Comdial


Looks like it's had a few battle scars over the years.


Don't see a lot of those anymore!


Of course I took it apart! That's why things are there... To be taken apart.


So many wires... so tappable. Not that I've ever done that.


Off hook


On hook


The Telephone