Saint IGNUcius has sent me his blessings.

As I have finally managed to get Mono working on Debian.

I have blessed your cluster, my son

I have blessed your cluster, my son

Not being a spectacular PHP developer, my web programming efforts have primarily been focused on ASP.NET, ASP and Perl before that. I managed to get my C# Indexer app on Debian up and running and managed to pass the results to a mod_mono equipped Apache install. If all goes well, I may be able to finally setup a fully Open Source cluster capable of serving ASP.NET pages.

This just goes to prove, you don’t need to fight technology to get it to work. You just need to apply it correctly and have a little patience (and not use too much of it). Failing that, a willingness to start from scratch and go about it correctly from the beginning if all else fails. Either case, this was an interesting adventure and I’ve learned a lot.

Considering my previous post on getting a thought archive off the ground, I will hopefully be able to post a few ideas here using my new setup. If an XML database is not feasible, a MySQL or Postgresql DB with some form of O/R mapper may work, but I would rather not have this kind of added complexity and just stick with SQL. I’m leaning strongly toward Postgresql because of the clustering and replication advantages.

From a programming perspective, the “Everything is an Object” approach makes sense, but I’m not sure if that would be practical in this case. If worse comes to worse, I could always avoid reinventing the wheel and go with the muti-table category approach.  We shall see.

Hopefully St. IGNUcius will be pleased with my efforts.

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