The problem isn’t religion, it’s ignorance

I was fulfilling my Tyson quota for the day and I came across this gem of a relatively calm interview (he’s very energetic when he’s passionate about something). It touches on the above point and many others that are not just logical, but are empirically observed fact.

I’ve always held this view, but it’s very satisfying to see someone like Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson espouse the same. God is quite safe from science. It’s OK to be religious, just not OK to be pushing ignorance in science class.

Disclaimer: I’m not religious, but I do have a philosophy I go by.

Dr. Tyson Hour

A proposal for dedicating a moment of our day for the betterment of all.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I can’t get enough of this guy. I mean set aside the memes for a while, I mean actually listen to him and appreciate the fact that unlike many others in the scientific and even skeptic communities, he prides himself as an educator first. You can sense with every word that he values knowledge for the sake of knowledge more than anything else.

From hence forth I’m going to dedicate one hour of each day (may not be a contiguous hour, but will be 60 minutes total) for Tyson Time.

Here’s a small sample to get you started…

Skip to 15:30 for Tyson Time.

Skip to 11:30 for Tyson Time.

Happy Earth Day!

In lieu of spending the rest of the day with your expresso machine turned on, your big plasma, your half a dozen computers and hair dryer, try to unplug this Sunday and enjoy the Sun as much as you can (not bake yourself in it, but sit by a window or something and appreciate the fact that you’re alive). Or if it’s raining, enjoy the sound of the raindrops bringing life-bringing water to you and your leafy brethren.

Try to picture yourself as you are, where you are; a part of the mess we call home on this dinky little mudball floating in space.

Peace to ourselves, our home and (hopefully) our children.

Tune in, drop out and chill out…


My coffee cup broke, sadly. It’s the same measuring cup I’ve been using for breakfast for years, but I finally chipped it after accidentally hitting the edge of the counter. Luckily Starbucks came to the rescue…


On a side note, I managed to sleep in and woke up the latest in years (it’s 9:50 AM!) Bad news is that now I have to go to the bank.

Living Small : Tiny Houses in Vermont

If there ever was anyone with practical knowledge on how to build a tiny house and has been doing so for quite a while, Peter King is the guy to speak to.

The best quote in the entire clip : “Don’t borrow your life away”. Considering the film was made in 2008, right when the full effects of the credit crunch and collapsing housing market took hold, it’s very apt and quite prescient.

I found the statue of the Buddha on the property very appropriate as well since simple living is very much inline with Buddhist philosophy and Mr. King has taken a lot of it to heart.