Drug PSAs mostly fall on deaf ears

So instead, I’ll leave you with this as a small insight of what may come out as a result of being high. Especially on marijuana.


I realize that I may inadvertantly turn people on to drugs. In which case, just tell the cops you’ve never been to this blog… if you remember it at all.

Drugs are bad m’kay?


Site of the Week: Labyrinthos

Ever been interested in mazes and ancient labyrinths? Think those designs must have an origin somewhere and want to find out more? Labyrinthos is your source.

Labyrinths & Mazes Resource Centre, Photo Library & Archive

I’ve always been fascinated by mazes and puzzles and was looking up Cretan mazes in particular when I came across this site. Definitely the place to go to learn more about them and really, all mazes in general. Very extensive archive and fascinating look at our infatuation with puzzles and mazes.