Plagiarism today III

Things like this drive me nuts.

Even if you take someone else’s work, how hard is it to include a link? A name? Any sort of mention of the original author(s)? I don’t have a beef with this when someone does it with my stuff because most of what I post here is in the Public Domain anyway. But most others do expect some sort of credit.

I frequent a website called Code Project, which programmers and those in the tech industry are quite familiar with. It’s a pretty big site with many, many articles and several orders of magnitude more visitors. Countless members comment, critique and contribute (and occasionally spam) the message boards and article comments all the time.

So then one has to wonder, why would someone risk public ridicule and disparagement by blatantly copying someone else’s work and posting it on this very popular site. I would have missed it too if I hadn’t gone back to an older newsletter and seen this article listed.

Enter Mr. Ram Balak Sharma

On his Code Project profile, he lists his occupation as a .Net Architect. What does that mean anyway? Does it mean programmer? Developer? Manager? Self-titled guru? But I digress…

LOL "passion"!

Mr. Sharma’s credentials include being a “Microsoft Certified Application Developer”. Apparently this is a byword term for not being above blatantly copying posts from other sites and presenting them as your own. His article “Security in ASP.NET MVC by using Anti-Forgery Token” is a complete ripoff of “Anti-Forgery Request Recipes For ASP.NET MVC And AJAX” by Dixin a year earlier. Note : No where on Sharma’s article does he list any other source.

Also note, unlike Mr. Sharma, Dixin doesn’t call himself an “Architect”. He’s just “a UI designer and knows a little bit about programming”.

Proving once again that the magnitude of someone’s espoused prowess is usually inversely proportional to true skill.


Here are both articles compared side by side.

Copy pasta!

I was browsing his site and thought if he’s brazen enough to do this on Code Project, surely he’s done it on his own site. Sure enough, “How to convert List to Datatable in C#” is a rip off of AroLibraries IEnumerableExt class, which is MIT licensed, but good luck finding a single credit on his site. And I don’t see his name listed anywhere on the project “People” section.

If someone from Code Project comes across this post, please send this joker a message and ban his ass.

In case Mr. Sharma or other plagiarists come to wonder how they always, always, ALWAYS end up being outed, I would like to leave you with this helpful message…

...And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers.


Some more nuggets…

Original : “jQuery DataTables and ASP.NET MVC integration
Copy: “JQuery Table in MVC on dropdown selection changed
Excerpts taken without credit, but at least he used different images and modify the wording.

Original : “Improving SQL Server Performance
Copy : “How optimized sql stored procdure Performance?
Dude, MSDN?! Really?