What Alpha Inventions is and isn’t

There seems to be a lot of confusion, fascination, excitement and even false hopes surrounding this thing called Alpha Inventions.

First of all, Alpha Inventions isn’t a spam service. You don’t write just anything, post the link, and expect traffic to flow in. Yes, you will get a jump in hits, but that’s only temporary if your content isn’t interesting.

Second, it’s a tool to give you more exposure. But it’s up to you to keep the readers coming back.

It’s not an IM client either. Don’t be all “OMG CHECK OUT THIS SITE!!!” after each and every new post because that will just annoy us users and the creator.

Imagine you’re on a street and someone hands you a flyer. If the show on the flyer is interesting, then you may go and see it. If it’s not, you just throw it away. The same will happen here. The site is the flyer and it’s your (the show’s producer’s) responsibility to maintain the traffic well after your link gets bumped (which, believe it or not, can be within the same hour or even minute). The site is popular so it won’t stand still just for your blog. Don’t expect miracles and don’t be ungrateful.

If you update frequently, Alpha Inventions will definitely add to that. But that doesn’t mean you have to change the way you write or be more “edgy” or any of that nonsense. It just means, be honest with your intentions and write with genuine zeal. No matter how bizarre or bland you think your content may be, chances are someone is interested in the exact same thing. The site will just help you find those connections, but it’s your job to connect.

I hope that clears things up for everyone.