Has files.wordpress.com been compromised? Or is it just a false positive?

Just now, when I visited my own blog (after ignoring it for ages), I came across this alarming scene :

Upload server compromised?

Upload server compromised?

When I tried to upload that image, I noticed that all files have been blocked. Which leads me to believe files.wordpress.com is the problem.

Wordpress compromised?

WordPress compromised?

Now there are two possibilities. Avast, my AV program is detecting all image etc… URLs from files.wordpress.com as being malicious or files.wordpress.com is serving actual malicious content. I hope it’s the former, but I haven’t actually downloaded the content of the files (precluding the afore mentioned infection risk) and don’t know yet that it’s an actual problem.

Update 6:00PM:

Looks like this may be a false positive. Avast has been notified and we’ll see if the warning disappears.