I Survived 2012

If you survived the Mayan Doomsday / Apocalypse / etc… etc… and want the rest of the world to know (you know, in case they’re still stuck in bunkers and staring at you through the peephole), wear the proof of resolve on your sleeve. *Yes,¬† this is totally a shameless plug.

I Survived 12 - 21 - 12

I Survived 12 – 21 – 12 . You know, in case that crazy uncle still won’t believe you.

Mayan Calendar. This thing is broken

Somehow we all know it was… or the people reading too much into it were.

Spoiler...Nothing Happens. Mayan Calendar

Spoiler… Nothing Happens.


Or if you like the original calendar and don’t want any snark…

Mayan Long Count Calendar

The original calendar (minus snark)




Thank you for playing the trial version of “Life”. It’s December 21st and the trial, as well as the world, has now come to an end. If you have enjoyed this game, please consider purchasing the full version at wakeupyoupseudoscientificbastards.com.

…I’m still taking a break from the blog and Twitter until after the holidays, but I couldn’t resist.

Happy New Year : (December 21st, 2012 spoiler)

Happy New Year Everyone!

You have to forgive me, I’m writing this in a bit of a rush. It’s already 1:15 AM in New York and I’m just now heading home. On the way, I kept coming across more and more people mumbling about this Mayan/Doomsday/Apocalypse/End-of-Days nonsense¬†now that it’s officially 2012 so I quickly put together a little countdown clock as a reminder so people can plan the rest of the year accordingly until *spoiler* nothing happens.