Only one STARTTLS command can be issued per session

Well, this seems to be a common problem that’s sparsely answered. Windows Live Mail suddenly lost the ability to send new messages through my Hotmail account.

I can check emails, I can sort them and even get new feeds, but can’t send emails no matter what. This turned out to be part of a two pronged assault on my sanity by both my AV software and Comcast. It turns out that I can only send email on 587 on Comcast and Avast was having an issue with my outgoing mail scan.

Solution :

Go to Tools > Accounts and select your mail account. Click on Properties to bring up the following window and go to the “Advanced” tab.

Set Outgoing to 587, but leave SSL enabled. The "Delivery" settings are optional

Then you need to tweak your anti-virus client. I use Avast, but the procedure should be the same for other AV clients.

Go into your Mail scanning settings and uncheck "Scan Outbound messages"

Just make sure you leave inbound scanning alone since it’s pretty stupid to have an AV suite that doesn’t check emails.


Stop Live Messenger from starting when checking email

It’s almost diabolically ingenious how Microsoft introduces features that drive you up the wall. What really gets you is how they think they know how you want to use your computer better than you do. Or why else would they force Live Messenger to start up each time you check your Hotmail account.

Well, if you don’t want to get rid of Messenger altogether and you’re not checking your email in Firefox, you need to disable the Live Messenger add-on in Internet Explorer.

Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons and select “Run without permission” in the Show dropdown.

“Run without permission”… Don’t ya just love that?

In the list of add-ons, find and disable every instance of msgsc.14.0.8089.0726.dll. If the file name column isn’t showing up, right-click on the fields on top and select Columns > File. Restart IE, and you should be able to check your email in peace.

You will still keep getting an annoying tooltip on the status bar when you sign in, but at least that will go away on its own.

Add-on disabled

Yeah... And it stays disabled!

Open Windows Media Player in “Now Playing” mode

I should have known it wouldn’t be long before an annoyance would popup with the new computer. This time it’s with the way Windows Media Player opens up; specifically the panel that shows up.

It used to be that WMP would open up in the Playing mode, where you can quickly see the current playlist and whatever media you’re playing. Well, Microsoft has decided it was far too convenient to open the bloody Player when you open Windows Media Player and decided to hide the Now Playing window and open the Library instead. The problem isn’t the player itself, but the shortcut that opens the program.

Normally clicking on the Windows Media Player link would bring this up…

WMP Libaray

Windows Media Player Library

 This is because the actual shortcut on the Taskbar and the Start Menu has the following in the Target field :

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /Task prefetch:1

This needs to be changed to the following in the start menu…

"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" /Task NowPlaying

Your shortcut link may vary depending on the Windows version, but the important part is that last /Task … part. Right click on the shortcut and change the last part.

Now the shortcut should open WMP as it should.

WMP Now Playing

Windows Media Player Now Playing window

I don’t want your bloody toolbar!

Is it just me or does every installer for a suite, application or utility out there has to cram some sort of web toolbar in your face before you can move on?

It used to be that open source software used to be relatively free of bundleware junk, but now I’ve lost count of how many times I had to uncheck some sort of Toolbar on all sorts of programs. Honestly, why would I need another search toolbar when both IE and FF have built-in search boxes which link to whatever search provider you want? Why would you need more junk on your page when you can’t even handle what little you see on the screen space?


Using a toolbar to search the web is like using a pair of tongs to open a doorknob.

Just as bad as those who bundle this nonsense with every installer are the people who blindly install whatever comes with their software. A lot of people, I’m sure, don’t even pay attention to the junk being installed with their newly downloaded game, app or porn. But if you have that much junk on your browser then you probably should be kept away from the web to begin with. I can only imagine how many viruses etc… have made it to your system because you never read the little popup that comes up during the installation and click “OK” each and every time.

I’ve adopted a new personal rule that every time I come across a computer with a whole bunch of unneeded junk on their browser, the owner automatically earns the following in their hosts file….

For the sake of all competent users everywhere, enjoy cyberspace oblivion you nincompoop!

Photo Gallery / Picture viewer doesn’t work on the Desktop

This annoying little problem started quite recently. Probably due to some unknown update that installed itself overnight. Double-clicking on any image from PNG to GIF gives no results whatsoever. The photo gallery doesn’t even start.

The solution is to get rid of all the web links / URL shortcuts on the desktop (delete them or move them to a folder) and viola! You can double-click on images again.

I have no idea why this started this week. I’ve never run into anything similar with XP.


I’m really buried in a project lately, which is why I haven’t been posting very much. But I have a new set of Sites and Movies of the week coming up.