Site of the Week: CosmicOS

What do you use when you need to initiate first contact with intelligent life-forms? An Open Source Contact Message of course!

Logic gates and Simple Expressions giving birth to a universal language

Logic gates and Simple Expressions. Giving birth to a universal language

If ET is listening out there, then this is probably the code to use to communicate. Nothing says “hello” like inviting them over to conquer us that much quicker, eh?

The language was actually inspired by Lincos by Hans Freudenthal and Carl Sagan’s Contact.


Paddington Bear and Illegal Immigration

I never thought I would see the day where a child icon is being used by nefarious types to further their agenda of allowing illegal aliens into the country.

It is just disgraceful how proponents of illegal immigration are twisting young minds to accept these foreign hoodlums and vagabonds as members of our community. How dare they think a nation of justice and virtue will stand for it.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against immigrants. In fact, I am one too. But it’s the idea that people can simply walk across a border or step out of a train and simply become assimilated as one of our own… It’s just preposterous! How could they think that any person (and I use that term loosely as they don’t deserve the complement) of that calibre can simply become a contributing member of society when they don’t even understand the culture. Heck, most don’t even understand the language.

How many “mistakes” or “errors in judgement” must they make for the rest of us to realise the threat they are?

It just goes to show how far the media has gone in manipulating the public. Who would ever suspect little Paddington Bear of being a job thief or potential terrorist. This shows once again at how far the Liberal media has sunk its claws into the psyche of the public.








Just Kidding!

Happy 50th birthday Paddington Bear!
This post was inspired by the PD article in the L.A. Times.