How I found one of the earliest browsers in history

Pablo Fernandez

Yesterday, the web celebrated its 25th birthday and to join in, I want a little story. A couple of years ago I found a NeXTcube. I’m not going to say where it is to avoid vandalism, but this is the story. Sir Tim Berners-Lee coded the earliest version of the web in his NeXTcube workstation when he was working at CERN, so, I was always interested in this machines, from a historical/playful point of view.

The cube that was in front of me was more or less abandoned and I asked the owner if I could play with it. He was very reticent but I was more relentless and I got to play with it. He told me that Next computer belonged, at one point, to CERN and that it has not been used since then. I decided to explore it.

The first interesting thing I found was a file…

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Wednesday Shorts: Sintel

Cain S. Latrani

One of the things I look for in the short films I share here is a story that has heart, the kind that is able to evoke a genuine emotion. While I sometimes veer off for something that is just straight up funny, such as last weeks Tone Deaf, my real goal is to help showcase the kind of work that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves.

I’ve said in the past that one of the things that really made me fall in love with anime was that it could make me feel. I’ve seen series that made me laugh, that made me cry, that inspired me, and that gave me a true sense of joy. The same goes for so many of the short films being made these days. They are what I consider art, because they can evoke so much emotion in such short periods of time.

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How to kill Windows 10 Privacy Spying Forever (0 connections)


Yes Windows 10’s privacy is here to track your shit down. But every body lies that you cant block it. Yes everybody says that dnsapi.dll in windows folder is hardcoded so it ignores your microsoft blocked shit in hosts file (c:windowssystem32driversetchosts).

Well yes but you can have strict rules not allowing even a one fucking packet to go out. You just have to download at least Comodo. Edit some registry, delete some scheduled tasks, terminate some processes, remove metro apps, block everything and track your network TCP connections.

  • whenever you type its being sent to microsoft servers
  • whenever you do whatever you are monitored
  • etc you know the deal

How to fix Windows 10 privacy? Zero connections, being offline to MS.

First when installing windows or after that follow this guide to disable all the spoofing from Microsoft.

Update your hosts file (its the minimum), good…

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