Site of the Week: Steampunk Magazine

With all that’s been said and done by amateurs and serious artists alike, it’s really nice to see a magazine dedicated to my favorite subject next to programming. Steampunk Magazine has a downloadable issue (#6 is out right now) and is available free. They also offer a printed version for people who enjoy the feel of good ol’ paper. And most importantly, it’s really good!

Steampunk Magazine

Warm foggy goodness with the sound of gears in the background.

I thought I must feature this for those of you who really enjoy the genre, I.E. yours truly, and to prove that I’m not dead… Just really, really, really busy these days.

Site of the Week: Concept ships

From the retro-futuristic to the truly beyond-this-world artistry exploring design concepts for spaceships and other craft. This is an amazing collection of beautiful creations by extremely talented artists.

An online animated spaceship and experimental aircraft art magazine

An online animated spaceship and experimental aircraft art magazine

The site is rather packed with a lot of multimedia so it may take a while to load even on broadband. But it’s well worth the wait.

In addition to science fiction works by authors such as Arthur C. Clarke, it’s visionary imagery such as these that inspired my thirst for space.

“Primus Sucks” IS the tagline!

Apparently people who really love Primus have never heard of this and still claim to be “die hard fans”.

The band has deprecated its use since the last decade for obvious reasons. No one wants to explain this 800 billion times to each and every dimwit who goes…

Check out the YouTube comments on their Tommy the Cat video.

WARNING: Reading YouTube comments has been scientifically proven to reduce your I.Q.

I used to be a reasonably intelligent person until I got into the habit of reading YT comments. Now I have the intelligence of a half eaten moldy slice of bread.

Site of the Week: Paleo-Future

And here we’ve once again ventured into imagination land in a futile attempt at imagining the future. It’s been done countless times before, and luckly, we have someone who’s been keeping tabs.

A look into the future that never was

A look into the future that never was

Matt Novak, investigates how history perceived the future and how its predictions affect the way we view the past.