Welcome to the New P̶l̶a̶g̶u̶e̶ Year

Hope everyone’s New Year went well. Normally, this would be an auspicious time for new endavors and adventures, but there’s bad news just two weeks in. Aaron Swarts, as many would know by now, has passed.  A lot of us have known for a long time, brilliance often comes packaged with turmoil and Aaron’s case was particularly tragic as he was particularly brilliant with a great deal left to contribute to this world.

The world is a lesser place without his presence. We’ll ponder what that means to the rest of us forced to suffer through life without him for quite some time.

For those who didn’t know who he was, here’s a very, very, very brief insight into the man that was. For those disturbed by the allegations of what he had done, here are some words from people who knew exactly what he did and how the government responded.

In less upsetting news

I have the flu. Well, less upsetting than Aaron passing since I’m not quite sure how to absorb that at the moment.

It’s also the reason I’ve been sticking to Twitter for the past few days instead of posting here. I knew I was getting sick, but chalked it out to the common cold. Since I have the immune system of a newborn infant, I get sick quite often, but the flu is a bigger issue since I can’t get the flu shot. I’m not allergic to eggs, it’s just my immune system is just that… weird. The shot or the nasal spray will invariably make me just as sick as the flu.

Now writing this still on my bed where I’ve resided for the past six hours after waking up and I’m about to go stir crazy. I hate doing nothing, but nothing is what I’ve been ordered to do.

Meanwhile, before I got sick, I started work in a small side-project that I hope to launch by the end of next week (aiming for 19th or 20th). Not sure if I’ll maintain that timeline now, but we’ll see. I’ll post news of that soon.