New Ascetics

FormFonts 3D Models

by Fred Abler

Something small is happening. A generation of young people have come down with ‘cabin fever’. The viral vector spreading this fever is a tumble-log called Cabin Porn. If you haven’t heard about it yet, well… you just did.

Cabin Porn is a visual atlas of cabin typology – dilapidated cabins from the last century, spanky new cabins, lake cabins, remote cabins, slab-cabins. Cabins, shacks and huts, small… and even smaller.

Fig 1.Image of a hiker’s hut near Arthur’s Pass, New Zealand.  Submitted by Greg Brown. Stress heads at work can now visit their ‘quiet place’ online at Cabin Porn.  DSFW – Definitely Safe for Work.

The Blogging-sphere has enjoyed round speculation as to why Cabin Fever is upon us. Everything from ‘urban hipster angst’, to ‘channeling your inner-Thoreau’, or simply the ‘need to find a quiet place’ have been proposed.

But in an age…

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