Swearing on XBox One while gaming or Skype can lead to 24 hour ban

There’s some evidence to suggest that if you use foul language during Xbox Live or during a Skype call or if you upload a video containing it as well, you may be lose some privileges including a possible ban for 24 hours.

Oh, good. So we can return to the days of…

“Good sirs, I invite you all to perform buggery with your own controllers on this fine day. While we engage in this fair play, I also invite your mothers to join you, being the vile harlots they are.

Does your skin reflect as a coal or the bright side of pitch? For only the only explanation I could find for your lack of competence. I’m forced to consider when a poor soul suffered a bout of incontinence upon your head.”

I’ve heard some (modern)variation of that exact conversation multiple times on chat. Now I understand the frustration of many players when it comes to online gaming and the vitriolic, juvenile, homophobic, racist, sexist language can wear heavily on you at times. In fact, a few years back, Adam Sessler made an empathic plea to drop the nonsense altogether, but surely, there are better ways of addressing this than surreptitiously filtering by robot.

I was only going to make comment on a HN thread, but it got shut down fairly quickly. Hence this post.

6 thoughts on “Swearing on XBox One while gaming or Skype can lead to 24 hour ban

  1. Disturbing. On every level. But then again, why give your money to microsoft when they’ve always been such pleasant folks? I’ll never knowingly and voluntarily give them so much as dime as long as I live. You buy their products then they censor you – with broken english… Thanks but NO Thanks!

    • lol The broken English is what takes the cake. Really, this is well known territory for MS and I kinda expected something like this when their PR was spouting all sorts of warm and fuzzy propaganda about “user experience”.

      Most of our work stuff has slowly moved off of almost all MS products except for Windows (because I still use Photoshop and family). Everything from our servers to desktops are now mostly Linux or Open/FreeBSD.

      We saved a fortune in licensing and support fees!

      Now this is just a game/entertainment console, but I can’t help but wonder how much schools could save by going the same route. They should be spending that money on better teacher training and smaller classroom sizes than making a multi-billion dollar company make a profit.

  2. Oh, and as someone somewhere in one of those links mentioned: “Choose something else to play” would make the perfect slogan for microsoft’s gaming console!

  3. You know what… %^#@ the Xbox and Sony PS with it! super expensive piece of %!@# and for what? PC has everything an average or pro gamer needs… and on top of that you can play awesome flash games like Papas Games on PC, you don’t get to play those on consoles lol

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