Progress at the Art Ranch

Giant cow vase… yeah, I have no words to top that.

Hellxia Art!

My life is NON. STOP. ACTION. (see what I did there? Periods? Stops? But it’s non-stop? Action? Eh? Ehhhhhhhh?)

Did some more work on the white wine barrel today. I can really only take about 3 hours of hardcore art-ing and then my brain shuts down -_-;;; Anyway, here is what I did and also some inside jokes with myself within my art!


Inside joke #1: I combined drawing and painting literally and conceptually in my art ha because you can be “painterly” what what about the other side… “drawerly”? Why “botherly”?


Inside joke #2: Art is just inside jokes between the artist and zer artwork. Teeth lines.


Inside joke #3: Down below there’s female genital pubes and male facial pubes. WHICH ONE DOES SOCIETY FAVOR? Why.


Inside joke #4: I really hate painting, but I also really like painting and should do it more. 


Inside joke #5: These…

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