Getting Started with the Arduino (for absolute beginners)

If you’ve been stuck, frustrated or don’t know where to start on your tinkering adventures with the Arduino series, there is a wonderful introductory video series by Martin Lorton which guides you through the board itself as well as setting it up to talk to your computer and some basic programming concepts.

Note: These are slow and steady, meant for people with patience, but they are great for those willing to learn (more importantly, willing to learn how to learn). Some concepts may be redundant for those already familiar with programming.

You can find more tutorials and fun projects on his site.


2 thoughts on “Getting Started with the Arduino (for absolute beginners)

    • The amount of awesome cannot be contained within a single MP4 envelope!

      Ditto on the turret. Also I’ve been looking into making a small bipedal robot. It’s fairly simple to put together a bunch of servos and brackets, but making them dance is another story.

      For turrets or bots, one pin per output is fairly expensive, but Adafruit makes a 16-channel shield that brings that down to just 2 pins. This saves a buttload of processing on the board itself.

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