Dear IE user

Please let site creators know you want them to work on ALL browsers. Thank you.

Please let site creators know you want them to work on ALL browsers. Thank you.


8 thoughts on “Dear IE user

  1. I’m sure if it wasn’t always necessary to have two sets of code – one for IE and one for all the rest, more sites would be completely cross browser compatible. Even the windows-phile IT dept at my job has more or less given up on IE for all new tasks and in house programs. Some legacy work we do is hard coded to work in IE (and therefor often breaks in other browsers) but everything they start from scratch is written to work in Firefox/Chrome and if it happens to work in IE that’s ok too.

    • Haha! That’s really the best approach ;)

      “Best viewed in x” is a nasty hold over from the Netscape days, if you think about it. The vast majority of the time, a site will look “OK” or “passable” if sane defaults are used.

      Of course, this is really hard when rewriting an existing app.

    • It was posted on a forum I visit a lot and I guess the idea is to get IE users to switch to a different browser. But I feel like site creators should build sites with all browsers in mind.

      • but is there really any difference between different browsers? i thought they are the same just looking different. i use IE becasue it looks the most simple one.

      • That’s why most people use it. Honestly the 2 real issues with IE is that it had security problems in the past (probably still does) that were much worse than anything else other browsers had and also because everyone else used it, most websites were showing messages like “Designed for Internet Explorer” or the like.

        Those sites broke or were near unusable on a lot of other browsers. Which wouldn’t have been fair to computer users who don’t have IE. Plenty of Macs don’t or Linux/Unix users either.

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