So, this happened

That feeling you get when something you shared (and you didn’t even write) suddenly went viral. It’s not always a warm and fuzzy one. Yesterday, I shared a social media failure any company wanting to save face should avoid. Today, I saw something interesting.

Just the day

Just the day

This week. And it's only Monday morning.

This week. And it’s only Monday morning.

And this month. It's still the 8th.

And this month. It’s still the 8th.

Funny thing is that it hasn’t stopped. People are still Twooting, Bookfacing and the like. I just glanced my feed and it’s being shared in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, South Africa and even Saudi Arabia.

I need a coffee!

Update: 4:30PM

Looks like Salon picked up the post as well.


5 thoughts on “So, this happened

    • It’s hilarious in a way; quite scary in another. I remember opening the stats about 2-3 hours after the post thinking, “Hmm. This is getting popular”.

      That went to “Woah! This is getting popular” a couple hours after that until the end of the day, which became “Holy Crap! This is getting popular!”.

      Luckily, I wasn’t sipping coffee when I opened the stats. :P

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