A group of friends sits around a table in a pub in London

Bill drops some logic on ya!

The Red Tunic

Opening line to a joke? Well yes and no.

Let me at the outset say that I, too, was a smoker. I smoked a lot. I am now an advocate for an outright ban on smoking I hate it that much. So what turned this addict?


My ex bought one for me, I used it and over a 6 month period I had safely stopped and am now 3 years free. So what is my rant today? The proposition of regulation, new regulation of said e-cigs.

Some pressure groups fear that electronic cigarettes may “re-normalise” smoking, thereby undermining the smoking bans which have helped de-glamorise cigarettes – the British Medical Association (the UK’s trade body for doctors) cites this concern in calling for a ban on public vaping.

Are you taking the piss? The reason I was helped to stop was that this liquid had, eventually, no nicotine…

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