Memorial Day 2013


Source image courtesy of Karin Markert

Tomb Guards in the photo, from left to right: SPC Nathaniel Chartier, SGT Brian Gougler, and SPC Joshua Wesnidge. Photo originally taken September 2012. (c) 2013 Karin Markert

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day 2013

  1. hey bro, long time no see, how are you???
    im right now back in hometown and tomorrow i will fly to sweden again. this time, i will stuck myself there for 2 years :)
    let me know whether you will drop by, and
    all the best to you friend :)

    • Hey there! Thank you for the offer!

      I’ve been chugging along the slow train to retirement (hopefully soon!) but looks like I’ll be picking up an easier desk job.

      Meanwhile, I’ve been trying to resurrect my (nearly dead) cooking skills after being spoiled by restaurant food. ;)

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