Hoping for a happy Winter

Yesterday after work (and a nap) I figured I’d make my bleak Blackberry a bit more merry for the season.

This is the most cheerful this phone will ever get, I fear

This is the most cheerful this phone will ever get, I fear

I still haven’t been able to get rid of Bing (which wasn’t there when I first got the phone) thanks to Verizon sneaking in crapware, but aside from that, being my primary email phone and second line, it’s doing pretty well. Battery life is still abysmal though and I’ve been told this is an existing problem in the 9930 and 9900 series. Lovely!

Meanwhile my voice phone is the Samsung Galaxy Stellar which, contrary to nay sayers is actually pretty good despite not being as powerful newer models. I got it free with my renewal plan.

And this was taken with the Blackberry’s allegedly superior 5MP camera.

And these are the same lighting conditions. Can you believe it?

And these are the same lighting conditions. Can you believe it?

Grainy and out of focus? Check.
Tweaking settings have no effect? Check.

When Blackberry builds better products and stop riding on the coattails of its past achievements, it will be a successful company once again. I won’t be holding my breath.

Reception of the Stellar is on par with the Blackberry. I even lose high-speed internet, and all the bars even, at exactly the same locations while on the train (before the tunnel’s in sight). 4G — and Blackberry’s 3G — is confined to my apartment most of the time, when I don’t need it, and only at certain spots in New York. Because Verizon lies through its teeth about the 4G coverage. I noticed this happens mainly around Crestwood, back to full strength at Tuckahoe and Broxville, down again at Fleetwood and Woodlawn, back again at Williamsbridge through Botanical Gardens, somewhat spotty at Fordham and finally down again at Tremont and Melrose.

After Harlem the train is right about to enter Grand Central underground so naturally there should be no signal. Yet somehow, I get 2-3 bars around 10 seconds after we enter the tunnel.

I guess poor people really don’t need 4G.


Just realized, this post’s ending was anything but happy, so here’s the balcony decoration my neighbors put up. Think they went a wee bit overboard?

It's a deer!

It’s a deer!


4 thoughts on “Hoping for a happy Winter

  1. i guess it is with a good camera function, isnt it? ;) i have never used Bing, it seems to be the same as Google. then why do i need to use Bing…

    • The funny thing is that the camera on the Stellar is supposed to be “bad”. Don’t know who wrote those reviews.

      Bing feels a bit like old Yahoo. Too cluttered and not always relevant. Worse, I didn’t give Verizon permission to install it on the phone. That still bothers me.

      I liked the old Google better though. Now they have too much junk along with the searches too.

  2. Verizon is a piece of crap – and I’m convinced their “superior coverage” is a lie made up in the media. AT&T, while still a miserable company, has better service everywhere I’ve ever compared them. And bing sucks too.

    • Amen!

      The worst aspect of AT&T is the customer service (or lack thereof). Back in the day, Cingular used to be the only former Bell with a reasonable reputation until AT&T bought it.

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