New YouTube theme

You’ve probably seen a few experiments here and there on YouTube where the theme suddenly changes only for it to change back on the next video or even the next page refresh. There were even instances where the same page was showing different themes for different browsers at the same time. Looks like the YT team is going to match the service to the rest of the Google suite (like Search and Plus).

For those of you who missed the experiments, here are a couple of examples.

The new home page (as it appeared a few days ago)

New video page



5 thoughts on “New YouTube theme

  1. I actually liked what they had UP UNTIL NOW. It was smooth and nice. I hate that they go with a completely white background and dark text everywhere. It looks like something from 1998. A computer is not a paper, it’s a light bulb.

    • Yeah, I think this is their attempt to “simplify”, if that’s the correct word for it. For the amount of information they show on screen, I don’t think it really works.

      Maybe a textured background would have helped a bit. The stark contrast between a color video and the all white background can be a strain. Plus that small text in comments is harder to read.

  2. Tell you what, I bet they will make the Google search bar (it’s already well on it’s way) on top, sticky, and most likely another bar under it as well (Google just loves to waste space!) that will follow the page as you scrolls. :) I can’t begin to go on about how I LOATHE that.

    • Seems to be going in that direction. The only time the sticky bar would make sense is if you’re on a mobile device where scrolling all the way up after reaching bottom can be tedious. But for a desktop, it just makes no sense at all.

      I hope they take feedback from users and do something about it.

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