Girl Growing up: Source for Sprint commercial

There’s a new commercial from Sprint lately showing a girl grow up from infant stage to 12.

The song is “All My Days” by Alexi Murdoch from the album, Time Without Consequence. And it used a truncated version of this video.

I’m a bit ambivalent about commercializing childhood (although toy companies have been doing that for ages) and the idea that your image and identity from birth to 12 is a commodity is a bit awkward for me.

The kid probably couldn’t give legal consent because she’s still a minor, which means the father, Frans Hofmeester, approved this. You can check out the dad’s website where he’s linked the video and the commercial. The site is in Dutch, but you can get the gist of what he’s all about.


9 thoughts on “Girl Growing up: Source for Sprint commercial

  1. Kid is at least 15 now so I’m sure she could let her voice be heard. At least in Holland she can. No abuse here. Move on

    • She’s 15 now, the commercial aired when she was 12. Plus the recording began as an infant.

      I didn’t mention “abuse” anywhere, just the notion of having your identity being used to sell a commercial product at such a young age.

      • I don’t know what math you or JCD are doing. The dad released the video on YouTube in April 2012. Sprint came out with the commercial in September 2012. It’s currently March 2013. The oldest she could be now is 13, going on her 14th birthday this year.

      • From the dad’s website

        I.h.k.v Culturele zondagen werden de Time Lapse films van Lotte & Vince in oktober 2012 drie weken lang vertoond op de videowall van de Stadsschouwburg in Utrecht.

        In English (emphasis mine):

        I. h.k.v Cultural Sundays were the Time Lapse movies of Lotte & Vince in October 2012 three weeks long screened at the videowall of the Stadsschouwburg in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

        Assuming there was some time (realistically) before it was screened and became so popular, and considering it’s late March of 2013 now, she’s already 15 or almost 15.

  2. Gerber baby, Shirley Temple, the Cosby kids… I say go, Dad! If all parents spent that much time talking and listening to their children while observing their development we would live on a different planet.

  3. This is one of the very few commercials on tv that I genuinely enjoy watching. I think that the “haters” out there are just upset because THEY didn’t come up with such a brilliant idea. Pretty sure that they were well taken care of by Sprint too, and who knows? Maybe now she’ll have the opportunity to go to an incredible college, and one day she cures cancer. Rock on, dad.

    • She seems like a pretty smart kid and her dad definitely had her best interest in mind. So I have no doubt she’ll have plenty of opportunities to go far.

      I was just a bit apprehensive that it is from brith and on in a commercial; not just one or two baby pictures. But I agree, it was done very tastefully and certainly it has great artisitic merit, not to mention very sentimental. She has a wonderful archive of her growing up that most kids don’t have.

  4. Her father has taken a video of each of his children from when they were born, each week, and continues to do so. She is currently 13 years old. There is an interview with her and her brother on youtube in Dutch where she states how cool she thinks it all is. She also said that she hopes that they continue to do the videos. They are all shot in front of the same baby blanket.

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