WordPress Broken on IE?

Update: The TL;DR version of this post is that I’m stupid. Read the bottom.

This started last night, but it seems it hasn’t been resolved yet. I had to make the last post in Firefox because WordPress is suddenly uncooperative in IE. Apparently IE has effectively been cut off from the WP “experience” as of yesterday.

It’s 9.0.8… And it was fine a little while ago.

It’s the same version of IE!

I just tried making this post in IE and it only got saved to drafts. Wouldn’t publish at all. The fonts don’t look all that great either.

Front page on IE

Front page on FF

And the stats page is not opening up either and is stuck on “Loading”. Even the loading screen looks different in IE vs FF.

Stats loading page in IE

Stats loading page in Firefox

I’m hoping this is just a momentary glitch and the WP folks haven’t decided to completely cut off a very large percentage of the web populous.


Thanks to timethief, I found out that I’m not as smart as I think I am. IE’s “Compatibility Mode”, an archaic left over from the days where web designers created sites with only IE 6+ in mind, was on all this time and I didn’t even notice. Not that I’m trying to resuce what’s left of my pride here, but I’m sure I did NOT turn on compatibility mode. IE has a habit of turning it on when visiting sites that are broken and then forgetting to turn it back off.

But in my defense, tell me how easy it is to spot the difference.

Compatibility mode On

Compatibility mode Off



7 thoughts on “WordPress Broken on IE?

  1. No offence to you or the other “large percentage” of web users, but honestly I didn’t realize anybody still used IE outside of a job setting where it’s forced by the network admin. Shows where my head has been… How is the IE experience these days? Other than on WP! Hopefully much better than the ‘good old days’ …

  2. Haha! 16% of the web is still pretty big ;)

    I tend to keep it around out of support necessity, since there are plenty of people I deal with that call it the “Internet” as in Internet = “e”. As long as people like these exist and there are those who freeze systems for corporate use without installing FF or Chrome/ium, there will always be IE users. And of course as you mention, WP.

    Nokia just launched brand new models in Asia they’re spreading like wildfire, so the IE pool will rise a bit before it falls.

    IE tends to behave mostly these days, but there are sour spots here and there. Also, it’s a pain, but we do have some propietary stuff at work that only work on it (this is changing soon though). I mostly just use it on my laptop.

    Every time I log out of Hotmail, I get a splash message “You’re using Internet Explorer 9. You have super good taste”. HAAAAA!

    • Thanks, but I do use IE, Firefox and Chrome! :D

      I don’t really have a “main” browser in the sense that it’s the first one I go for. Most of my bookmarks have been moved to folders on my desktop because I have to change computers between work and everyday stuff. I know Chrome can save these, but I’d rather not leave them in the “cloud”. At work, I have to test websites with all three.

      But I never change my default search engine ;)

  3. The problem with you guys is that you’re all tecksters and, well, most people who use the web are not and that, my friends, is the market that most wordpress based websites are marketing to. Theme 2012 is a major failure, from that perspective.

    • I’m not quite following. You mean we’re “testers?” If that’s the case, what we test is from the perspective of folks that don’t look for too much detail. I.E. We look for what’s immediately easy to use and easy on the eyes.

      I didn’t create the 2012 theme (didn’t create the theme for this blog either), but I just checked it out. Doesn’t seem so bad to me.

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