It’s been a while since I last posted and I have a perfectly good excuse… gimme a minute to make one up.

Meanwhile, enjoy these pics from our visit to the Hakgala Gardens in Sri Lanka. The images are a bit disjointed because they’re from two different cameras. I was borrowing my cousin’s camera (on account of Fiona suggesting my one sucks), but it ran out of juice half way so I then borrowed my aunt’s camera.


4 thoughts on “Flora

  1. you… you can use any camera you like, it’s just that one SUCKS too much! lool. this time is better, obviously ;) by the way, are you a flower person?

    • More of a nature person… which I guess includes flowers :P

      Ah, well the other camera was technically a video camera that happens to be able to take still photos. But I can’t always use my cousin’s camera or my aunt’s because… well… they need to use them too.

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