Lesson for the weekend: Don’t be an ass!

I normally don’t comment on current events, with this being a personal blog, but things like these make my blood boil long enough to overflow that self-imposed boundary.

This lady named Holly Oyerbides at the Best Western hotel in Monahans decided she couldn’t be bothered to be courteous, let alone do something to help a wounded veteran come down stairs. Now whether or not Staff Sgt. Chad Staples was a war veteran, everyone should agree, he deserves at least to be treated with compassion and some respect as a human being.

The fact that he happened to be a wounded vet just adds more fuel to the fire.

If you’re not fuming already, you can read the print version of the story on the CBS  7 website.

SSG Chad Staples

The picture they showed on CBS 7 of Oyerbides was obviously from the Monahans High School class of 2005 photo from their senior photos page.

Holly Oyerbides


8 thoughts on “Lesson for the weekend: Don’t be an ass!

  1. From there and she’s always been rude and disrespectful. Everyone in this town knows she’s this way thanks for keeping the story going she needs this.

    • Ah, so she really is one of those perpetually boorish cases. I figured this couldn’t have been a one-off incident. No one suddenly acts this way without being spoiled by being able to get away with it for a long time.

      Jokers like this need to be exposed at every opportunity. Otherwise, they just don’t learn that you can’t keep acting like this without consequences.

  2. Whether we were taught as children to chew our food when eating, in our youth not to steal, or as adults not to run from the police these life lessons are learned not to become the reactive component from such failed actions. Holly didn’t need to be taught this lesson and should have been a no brainer. She must have had some influences in her life to cause such scorn of others and now she’s paying for it. Holly’s fifteen minutes of fame isn’t the type that people typically experience and I hope she has learned a valuable lesson from this. Either this moment in her young life is a pivotal point where she rebounds and becomes a contributing member of society or in a few years she’ll have the full tour from inside a women’s detention facility. I hope the best for her.

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