There be coconuts…

And we’re back in Sri Lanka. It’s bloody hot!

Well, I knew that before I set off, but considering this is vacation time, I’d better put up with it for now. I’m staying in Colombo and I’m still getting used to the changes.

I came here last year for the first time in years and there were many, many things that caught me off guard. I’m hoping to pick up where I left off from that trip since most of that felt rushed.

Last time it was all a last-minute decision, which is never good for something this important, so we wasted a lot of time. This time I’m here visiting by myself and mom is still in the States. There are lots planned and hopefully I’ll be able to enjoy it more this time around.

I was promised 3G speeds on my wireless provider (as before) and I’ve been lied to (as before). This connection is just a hair above dial-up (as before). Note to self: Dialog is rubbish. I got a new phone at the Duty Free in SL and I’m thinking of going with another carrier before setting off on safari midland. Don’t wanna be stuck among elephants with a dead phone.

My grandfather’s bungalow is still undergoing renovations so I’m still shelter hopping at the moment. Hopefully we’ll have the place ready-to-go soon.

Before the trip, I went shopping to get a few things for the folks, but here and there it was complicated a bit…

LOL Global trade

On my way here, I had a stop-over in Dubai. Besides the copious amounts of jewelry sold there (as in most middle Eastern countries) there wasn’t a whole lot happening. And then I came across the holy grail.


Well after that, things were pretty boring on the flight itself.

Uh, yeah…

Well, I was too jet-lagged and exhausted after the flight to take any pics of the landing and such. Besides it wasn’t all that interesting other than getting to meet the family. I was also distracted a bit after I got home by more pressing concerns.

I’d kill for a 450 sheet roll of Angel Soft right about now.

I’ll hopefully have more when we go exploring ye olde elephant country over the coming weeks.

Later y’all!


6 thoughts on “There be coconuts…

    • Oh! Funny you mentioned that.

      I bought a new camera just for this trip and it seems to work just fine for other photos, though when I tried to take a picture of myself, it said :
      “Unable to capture: Face too ugly” :(

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