10ft x 10ft x 10ft Cube House

And I thought my college buddy’s room was tiny!

This cozy little cabin — part of the Cube Project — will definitely fall under the “tiny house” label, but it has all the basics.

Considering a lot of college kids already live in rooms just as small (except with no privacy), I think it’s definitely worth persuing as an alternative housing method rather than cramming 8 – 12 people into one communal house.

Note the induction cooker too. I’ve been a fan of induction cookers since the first time I saw them years ago and (precluding anyone with a pacemaker) it’s a much cheaper and effective alternative long term than other electric cooker types and even LPG.

Some of the older induction cookers had some issues, but newer models are energy efficient, extemely space saving, and above all else, safe. You’re only heating the cooking container, if it’s made of ferrous metal — which a lot of cooking utensils already are — so no energy is wasted heating the ambient air.

All the basics of living are included in a very neat little package at 10ft x 10ft x 10ft (or 3m x 3m x 3m for you metric folks).

And here’s how they built it.

Check out the interior/exterior breakdown animation that shows everything in perspective.

Certainly appropriate to mention this quote :

If we’re all destined to live in boxes, why not build better boxes?


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