Happy Earth Day!

In lieu of spending the rest of the day with your expresso machine turned on, your big plasma, your half a dozen computers and hair dryer, try to unplug this Sunday and enjoy the Sun as much as you can (not bake yourself in it, but sit by a window or something and appreciate the fact that you’re alive). Or if it’s raining, enjoy the sound of the raindrops bringing life-bringing water to you and your leafy brethren.

Try to picture yourself as you are, where you are; a part of the mess we call home on this dinky little mudball floating in space.

Peace to ourselves, our home and (hopefully) our children.

Tune in, drop out and chill out…


4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

    • Happy Earth Day! :D

      Ironically, right after I posted this, we had a rainstorm with mild thunder come in over New York, so I really did unplug everything. Turned out to be a very nice and relaxing day. Haven’t had one of those in a looong time.

      Sat by the balcony watching the rain. Always loved rainy days. Saw some geese too and some ducks. Lovely Earth Day all in all.

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